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दूरस्थ एवं ऑनलाइन शिक्षा केंद्र

कुरुक्षेत्र विश्वविद्यालय, कुरुक्षेत्र

("A++" Grade, NAAC Accredited)




1. The instruction through study material is supplemented by Personal Contact Programme (s) of one week to 24 days duration depending upon the course. This programme includes regular effective class-room teaching, practical, wherever applicable, face to face discussions, promoting thereby an interaction between the teachers and the taught. However, no PCP of a class/course may be conducted if the enrolment in that class/course is very small.

2. Interactive contact classes (Personal Contact Programme) of 30 days duration of five hours per day will be organized for the students of B.Ed. (2-Years) course at Directorate's approved University Affiliated Colleges. This will be divided into two phases of 15 days each in First and Second academic year of the course. Besides this each student shall undertake Field Practicals of 20 days duration, 10 days in each year for practice teaching and related work experience activities.

3. This programme is for the benefit of the students and they are advised to participate in it regularly. However, 75% attendance for B.Ed. and 50% for other courses shall be compulsory to become eligible to appear in the examination.

4. In exceptional cases, the Director may exempt any candidate from this condition of attending the PCP on valid reason to his satisfaction for which supporting documents like Medical Certificate, etc. may also be enclosed with the application for seeking exemption. In case PCP of any course is not held before the commencement of the University examination the same will not be the basis for withholding the candidates from appearing in the University Examination.

5. In case a candidate has not attended the Personal Contact Programme (Theory and Practical) and has also not been allowed exemption from attending the same, but he/she has already cleared all the dues of the Directorate and submitted all the required documents including the Migration Certificate or Affidavit as per annexure before the commencement of the annual examination to be held in 2017 and is otherwise eligible, may appear in the annual examination next year, after fulfilling the requirements of attending the Personal Contact Programme alongwith the students of next year i.e. 2017-2018, if PCP (Theory and Practical ) are held for the students of the said session, on payment of an additional fee @ Rs.1000/- each for PCP Theory/Practical separately, by submitting the examination form and examination fees afresh to the Controller of Examinations.

Such a student will have to apply for attending the PCP etc., before 30th September, 2017 to the Director on plain paper with requisite fee of Rs. 1000/- each indicating full particulars of his/her studentship in the Directorate during the previous session.


The detailed schedule of PCP for each and every class will be available at DDE Website: www.ddekuk.ac.in. Students are advised to download their relevant schedule and report at their allotted college.

(i ) Undergraduate Programmes : The Directorate organizes Personal Contact Programmes for undergraduate programmes preferably in the last week of December every year in the affiliated Colleges. The tentative list of the Colleges where these programmes are organized is given hereunder:

G.M.N. College, Ambala Cantt; S.D. College, Ambala Cantt.; D.A.V. College, Ambala City; S.A. Jain College, Ambala City; Sohan Lal DAV College of Education, Ambala City; M.D.S.D. Girls College, Ambala City; C.R.M. Jat College, Hisar; D.N. College, Hisar; Imperial College, Hisar; R.K.S.D. College, Kaithal; D.A.V. College, Karnal; Dyal Singh College, Karnal; G.N. Khalsa College, Karnal; I.B. College, Panipat; S.D. College, Panipat; Arya College, Panipat; M.L.N. College, Yamuna Nagar; G.N. Khalsa College, Yamuna Nagar; Bhagwan Parshu Ram College, Kurukshetra; Directorate of Distance Education, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra; C.R. Kisan College, Jind.

(ii ) Postgraduate Programmes : Personal Contact Programmes are organized in the Kurukshetra University Teaching Departments.

(iii ) For Diploma/Bachelor/Master of Library & Inf. Science: The instruction shall be imparted through study material, and/or Personal Contact Programmes. There will be two intensive Personal Contact Programmes, one is separately for the theory papers and the other for practical in Classification/ Cataloguing in the second term. PCP for Theory and Practical paper(s) may be held before the examination of theory papers. However, in exceptional circumstances P.C.P. for practical paper(s) may be held after the examination of Theory Paper(s).

(iv ) For CCA, BCA, PGDCA, M.Sc. Computer Sc.(SW), M.C.A and M.Sc. Geography: Two intensive Personal Contact Programmes (Theory and Practical) separately for CCA, BCA, PGDCA, M.Sc Computer Science(Software), MCA and M.Sc. Geography will be conducted. PCP for Theory and Practical paper(s) may be held before the examination of theory papers. However, in exceptional circumstances PCP for practical paper(s) may be held after the examination of Theory Paper(s).

(v) For B.Ed. (2-Years) Course: The Directorate has identified the following five Kurukshetra University Affiliated B.Ed. Colleges (duly approved by NCTE) for delivery of programme:

1. Directorate of Distance Education, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

2. University College of Education, K.U. Kurukshetra.

3. SL DAV College of Education, Ambala City.

4. SNS College of Education for Women, Yamuna Nagar.

5. Dr.Ganesh Dass DAV College of Education for Women, Karnal.