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("A+" Grade, NAAC Accredited)


PCP Schedule


2019-04-08 PG Diploma Taxation Download
2019-04-04 MBA- II (HM) VIVA-VOCE Download
2019-04-05 List of the Students of B.ed-II Shifited From UCE, KUK Download
2019-03-29 B.Ed-I Download
2019-03-14 BCA-II Download
2019-03-22 M.Sc. Geography (F) Practical Download
2019-03-27 BCA-III Download
2019-03-28 Certificate (Teaching Practiee) for B.Ed. Download
2019-03-29 B.Ed-II Download
2019-03-14 PG DIploma in Cyber Law Download
2019-03-12 M.Lib.Sci Download
2019-03-08 BA-II (2nd Batch) Download
2019-03-08 BA-I (2nd Batch) Download
2019-03-01 B.Lib. Sc. Download
2019-03-06 M.Sc.Geo-I (Practical) Download
2019-03-08 BA-III (2nd Batch) Download
2019-02-28 BCA-I Download
2019-03-01 D.Lib. Sc. Download
2019-02-26 PG Diploma Human Right Download
2019-02-28 Diploma in Yoga Download
2019-02-26 LLM-I Download
2019-02-25 MBA-I Download
2019-02-25 PGDEMM Download
2019-02-14 PGDCA (2nd Batch) Download
2019-02-13 MA HISTORY-II Download
2019-02-14 M.COM-II Download
2019-02-12 M.COM-I (6th Batch) Download
2019-02-12 M.Sc.Math-II Download
2019-02-12 M.COM-I (5th Batch) Download
2019-02-08 CCU Download
2019-02-06 MAMC-I & II Download
2019-02-06 M.Sc.Geo-II (2nd Batch) Download
2019-02-05 PGDJMC Download
2019-01-31 B.Lib.Sci Download
2019-01-30 MCA-I Download
2019-01-30 MA (Pub.Add)- I & II Download
2019-01-28 M.Sc.Comp.Sci (SW)-I Download
2019-01-25 MA PANJABI-I & II Download
2019-01-23 MA HINDI-I,II & (PGDT) Download
2019-01-18 MCA-II Download
2019-01-18 M.Sc.Geo-I (2nd Batch) Download
2019-01-18 MA POL.SCI-I & II Download
2019-01-18 MBA (HM)-I & II Download
2019-01-15 MA ENGLISH-I Download
2019-01-15 MA ECONOMICS-I (2nd Batch) Download
2019-01-15 M.COM-I (4th Batch) Download
2019-01-10 M.Sc.Comp.Sci (SW)-II (2nd Batch) Download
2019-01-07 M.COM-I (3rd Batch) Download
2019-01-03 MCA-III Download
2019-01-03 MA ECONOMICS-I & II Download
2018-12-31 BA-I Download
2018-12-31 BA-II Download
2018-12-31 BA-III Download
2019-01-01 PGDEE, MAEE-I,II Download
2019-01-01 MA EDUCATION-I & II Download
2019-01-03 MBA-II Download
2018-12-27 MA (SANSKRIT)-I & II Download
2018-12-27 MA (HISTORY)-I Download
2018-12-26 M.COM-I (2ND BATCH) Download
2018-12-20 LLM-II Download
2018-12-24 B.Lib. & Inf. Sc. Download
2018-12-12 M.Sc.Geo-II Download
2018-12-12 MA (PHILOSOPHY)-II Download
2018-12-18 B.Com- I, II & III Download
2018-12-10 M.Com-I Download
2018-12-10 M.Sc.Math-I (2nd Batch) Download
2018-12-10 M.Sc.Comp.Sci (SW)-II Download
2018-12-03 PGDCA Download
2018-11-29 M.Sc.Geo-I Download
2018-11-27 M.Sc.Math-I Download
2019-04-01 CCA Download
(i) Undergraduate Programmes:> The Directorate organises Personal Contact Programmes for undergraduate programmes preferably in the last week of December every year in the affiliated Colleges.

(ii) Postgraduate Programmes: Personal Contact Programmes are organised in the main University Teaching Departments.

For Diploma/Bachelor/Master of Library & Inf. Science - The instruction shall be imparted through study material, and/or Personal Contact Programmes. There will be two intensive Personal Contact Programmes, one is separately for the theory papers and the other for practicals in Classification/ Cataloguing in the second term. PCP for Theory and Practical paper(s) may be held before the examination of theory papers. However, in exceptional circumstances P.C.P. for practical paper(s) may be held after the examination of Theory Paper(s).

(ii) For PGDCA, BCA, CCFD,CCA, M.Sc. Computer Sc.(SW), M.Sc. Geography and M.C.A.- Two intensive Personal Contact Programmes (Theory and Practical) separately for Certificate Course in Fashion Designing, P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications, Bachelor of Computer Applications, M.Sc Computer Science (Software), M.Sc. Geography, MCA and Certificate course in Computer Applications will be conducted. PCP for Theory and Practical paper(s) may be held before the examination of theory papers. However, in exceptional circumstances PCP for practical paper(s) may be held after the examination of Theory Paper(s).