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Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment

2019-04-05 B.Com-I Download
2019-04-05 B.Com-II Download
2019-04-05 B.Com-III Download
2019-05-06 BA-III Download
2019-05-23 BA-I Download
2019-06-14 CCU Download
2019-06-14 MA(F) Education Download
2019-06-14 MA(P) Education Download
2019-06-14 MA(P) Environment Education Download
2019-06-14 MA(P) Hindi Download
2019-06-14 MA(F) Hindi Download
2019-06-14 PGDEE Download
2019-06-14 PGDT Download
2019-06-14 PGDTX Download
2019-06-18 MA(F) Environment Education 2018-19 Download
2019-06-18 Revised Internal Assessment BA-II 2018-19 Download
2019-06-21 D.Lib. Sci Download
2019-06-21 Diploma In Gita Download
2019-06-21 MA(P) History Download
2019-06-21 MA ( F) History Download
2019-06-21 MA(P) Philosophy Download
2019-06-21 MA(F) philosophy Download
2019-06-21 MA(P) Punjabi Download
2019-06-21 MA(F) Punjabi Download
2019-06-21 MA(P) Sanskrit Download
2019-06-21 MA(F) Sanskrit Download
2019-06-21 PG Diploma in Cyber Law Download
2019-06-21 PGDBA Download
2019-06-21 PGDEMM Download
2019-06-28 M.Com(P) Download
2019-06-28 M.Com (F) Download
2019-06-28 MA(P) English Download
2019-06-28 MA(F) English Download
2019-06-28 MBA(HM)-I Download
2019-06-28 MBA(HM)-II Download
2019-06-28 M.LIB Sc. Download
2019-07-01 MBA-I Download
2019-07-01 MBA-II Download
2019-07-09 B.Lib. Sci Download
2019-07-19 BCA-II Download
2019-07-19 BCA-III Download
2019-07-19 CCA Download
2019-07-19 Diploma in Yoga Download
2019-07-19 MA(F) Public Administration Download
2019-07-19 MCA-II Download
2019-07-19 PGDCA Download
2019-07-19 PGDHR Download
2019-07-22 MAMC-I Download
2019-07-22 MAMC-II Download
2019-07-22 PGDJMC Download
2019-07-29 MA(P) Economics Download
2019-07-29 MA(F) Economics Download
2019-07-29 MA(P) Pol Science Download
2019-07-29 MA(F) Political Science Download
2019-07-29 MCA-III Download
2019-08-07 MA-I Public add. Download
2019-08-13 BCA-I Download
2019-08-13 M.SC (P) Mathematics Download
2019-08-13 (F) Mathematics Download
2019-08-13 M.Sc Computer Science -I Download
2019-08-13 M.Sc Computer Science-II Download
2019-08-13 MCA-I Download

            The Directorate introduced 20% Internal Assessment marks in each Theory Papers in the Undergraduate courses in a phased manner w.e.f. the academic session 2012-13.  Similarly, 20% Internal Assessment in each Theory Papers has also been introduced in all the Postgraduate courses being run through Distance Mode w.e.f. the academic session 2013-14 in a phased manner, i.e. in the 1st year of the Postgraduate courses where the duration of the course is of 2-years/3-years and in the course where the duration of the Postgraduate course is one year only.


            Guidelines for 20% Internal Assessment in the Distance Education Programmes:


  1. The Directorate would conduct written test(s) during Personal Contact Programmes. The written test(s) would be based on Multiple Choice Questions in respect of the syllabus of the concerned Theory Paper and the students would be required to mark the answers on OMR Sheet(s).
  2. In case, a student does not appear in the written test(s) for Internal Assessment during Personal Contact Programmes, marks secured by the student in the concerned Theory Papers would be enhanced proportionately in respect of Internal Assessment.
  3. The results of the students would be computed taking into consideration the marks secured in Internal Assessment plus marks obtained in the Theory Papers.
  4. The marks of Internal Assessment obtained by the students will be displayed on the DDE Website and students can get their answer sheets re-checked on remittance of Rs.200/- within 20 days from the date of uploading the Internal Assessment Marks on the DDE Website.